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      ** CLICK HERE **, and then click on the “Free Media Link” and then select the item you desire… just in time for Christmas get a free copy of Mr. Kruger’s Christmas starring Jimmy Stewart!

      Book of Mormon

      A second witness of Jesus Christ and a companion volume of scripture to the Finding Faith in Christ DVD

      A powerful biblical depiction of the life and ministry of the Savior, Jesus Christ (29:10).

      Lamb of God DVD

      An emotional portrayal of the last week of Jesus Christ’s life, taken from the four Gospels of the New Testament.

      Together Forever DVD

      Tells how several families discovered God’s love for them, and His eternal plan for their peace and happiness.

      3 Simple Ways to Become a Happier Family Booklet

      Proven ideas to help families grow stronger and happier together.

      Joy to the World DVD

      A Christmas classic that contains music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and the biblical account of Christ’s birth.

      Finding Happiness DVD

      Amid the wonder of life and the beauties of nature, we seek to know whether our individual lives have meaning.

      Holy Bible
      A collection of sacred writings that testify of Jesus Christ and contain God’s revelations and teachings for His children.

      The Restoration DVD

      How God restored the fullness of His gospel to the earth through Joseph Smith, a modern-day prophet (19:15).

      Family Answers DVD

      Family relations professionals provide practical solutions for improving family’s communications, dealing with conflict, and strengthening relationships.

      Family First DVD

      Explains how setting one evening a week aside for family activities can strengthen family relationships.

      Mr. Krueger’s Christmas DVD

      The timeless story of Willy Krueger (played by Jimmy Stewart), who found the true meaning and spirit of Christmas.

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