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      You can keep vanilla forever but I wanted to give you some ideas for
      using it from someone who uses it all the time. You can make your
      own vanilla coke by adding a teaspoon to a glass of regular or diet
      coke. Same with pepsi.

      Make “gourmet” vanilla flavored coffee’s by
      adding in a teaspoon to your mug. Add a half teaspoon to pancake,
      waffle and french toast batters to give them a great new flavor.

      THis is a little more time intensive but you can melt some chocolate
      chips with a teaspoon of vanilla and dip spoons into it. Once the
      spoons are coated with the mixture than lay them to dry on wax
      paper. When completly dry cover them with plastic wrap and a bow and
      give them as presents to people who love gourmet coffee.

      They use
      the chocolate vanilla spoon to stir their coffee and they have
      instant gourmet blends from a regular cup of joe or espreso. Gotta
      love it!Q

      Almost all cookie recipies call for a teaspoon of vanilla.

      You can make your own vanilla ice crean but you have to have the
      right equipment for that.

      So here are just a few ideas of what you can use that extra vanilla

      Have a great day.

      Maya in Illinois

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