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      Can anyone give me some ideas for a valentines present that my boyfriend would love? Need as many free ideas as possible. He told me the other day I was not romantic enough (I think its the other way around LOL) so I really want to go all out this year.

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      You could cook him a candle lit dinner. That’s romantic & they always say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! 🙂

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      Hmmm… free. You could always make him a coupon booklet including things he loves. And you can use any scrapbooking type supplies if you have them, or stickers, or printouts from the computer. This could include a free night to the movies, free doing your chores/errands, free walk in the park, free hug whenever, free back massage, etc.

      You could make him dinner like rtebalt suggested.

      Some gifts I’ve done that were almost free that I gave my bf a while back, was a picture frame (from the dollar store) and I bought those valentine candy hearts and glued them to the frame to cover it. I then put a picture of us in it. Believe it or not, the frame is still existing (atleast 5 years later – we’ve been together 8 years now). It might help to fight off ants if you buy spray glue to coat it with or you can paintbrush glue all over the hearts, which should dry clear after.

      I’ve made creme brulee a bunch since it’s really cheap ingredients like milk and cream and sugar. I also bought some cute heart shaped rammakins from Target’s dollar section to use for it.

      You could give him an invitation that you make for a date night which includes movie and a candlelit dinner. You can check the tv for movies that are playing (they probably have some sort of romance comedies playing on basic cable). Or you could rent one.

      I know guys aren’t into them too much but bubble baths are fun and free. 🙂 There’s actually an episode of Friends where Chandler discovers how nice bubble baths are and always wants to take them. So you could light candles and draw the bath for him to have a “bubble bath vacation” lol not sure what kind of guy your bf is. Mine would probably laugh at me. 😉

      You could go camping somewhere (borrow a friend’s tent) under the stars (Valentines Day is a Saturday this year) since that’s free too.

      Or you could go on a drive to a nearby town that you don’t know so well and go site-seeing. (just the cost of gas)

      Good luck!

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      You could go to the local thrift store for any candles that you might want to use. Sometimes you can get a good find there on a box. If you don’t find them there –then off to the dollar store for the Christmas clearence — for red and white candles. While you are there you could pick up marked down candy canes–used these finely chopped or crunched on top of his favorite heart shaped iced cake. This looks really decorated when finished.
      How about heart shaped pancakes to start his day off with.
      Could also make him a Valentines Day card. Get the local news paper from a friend and start cutting letters out to do the inside the card in letters. CVS usually has some nice colored ads the week before, so you can cut hearts out if you like..

      Let us know what you come up with..And if you smothered him Lollll.

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      What is he into (besides you)? Think about his hobbies and interests and favorite things ( sports, movies, food , ets. ) and build a couples idea into it.


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      These are some great ideas. Thanks

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