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Holidays & Special Occasions Valentines Day Valentines: 14 days of Valentines

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      “14 Days of Valentines”
      On the first of February give your spouse or family member the
      following note: “Congratulations, you are the lucky recipient of the
      14 days of Valentines.”

      Pick and choose from the list below. Perhaps it will spark your own
      creativity. You might want to go to cake decorating specialty store.
      They have miniature items for just pennies.

      That might help you with
      even more ideas tailored to your families interest.

      You are my dreamboat.
      (Toy boat – about 20 cents at a cake store.)

      You are my “Big Hunk”.
      (Big Hunk candy bar)

      I have the hots for you.
      (Red hots)

      I am “Twix” by your presence.
      (Twix candy bar)

      You make me “Snicker”.
      (Snicker candy bar)

      You light up my life.
      (Candle or light bulb)

      I’m nuts over you.
      (pkg. of nuts)

      You make the world go round.
      (Jumbo cookie, cake or pizza)

      I’m lucky because you’re my “Sweetheart”

      I’m bubbly all over with love and excitement.
      (Acta Bath or any fizzing type bubble bath.)

      I hope “U-No” how much I love you.
      (uno cards)

      by “gum” you’re special.

      if love has lost it’s flavor and you feel you’re in a
      “crunch”, just remember you are loved so very much.
      (crunch candy bar)

      you are worth a “mint” to me. or we were “mint” to be together.

      i can’t lick any of my problems without you.

      you’re “eggsactly” what i want in a husband/wife.
      (write this on a hardboiled egg or use an empty plastic easter egg.)

      i’m lucky to have you as a husband/wife/son/daughter.
      (lucky charms)

      i’m a smart cookie to have chosen you as my husband/wife.

      you’re a “cracker jack” husband/wife/son/daughter.
      (cracker jacks)

      you’re the salt of the earth.

      i’ve gone bananas over you.
      (bananas or banana chips if mailing.)

      i love you a bunch. or we love you. from: the whole bunch.

      thanks for putting snap, crackle and pop into our marriage/family.
      (rice krispie treats or crackle candy bar)

      thanks for putting your mark on our home.

      you’re worth a million.
      (paper money)

      you’re worth more than $100,000.
      ($100,000 candy bar)

      You really rise to the occasion.
      (Helium balloon -write the message on the back.)

      You’re the icing on the cake.
      (Cake and icing)

      We make a “Ding Dong” couple, but I love it.
      (Ding Dong)

      Let’s go on a date.

      I hit the nail on the head when I married you.

      My love for you snowballs.
      (Snowball cake with coconut)

      Write a love note on a heart shaped paper. Then cut into puzzle

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Holidays & Special Occasions Valentines Day Valentines: 14 days of Valentines