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      — In, Dee Webber wrote:


      > Has anyone tried the new handheld vacuum sealer that Reynolds

      makes? I’ve seen it at King Soopers recently. The vac sells for $10,

      & they sell a couple of different sized bags. I’m curious. We live

      with my mil, & share her tiny galley kitchen. There is no room for me

      to keep a Food Saver, & $10 fits my budget much better than the cost

      of the larger machine!



      Hi Dee,

      Yes, they work wonderful.My mom has one and used it just the other

      nite and I asked her about it and she swears by hers.She seals up

      spaghetti noodles pkgs,cereal bags,etc…

      I told her that I was going to get me one this Thursday cause they are

      more convenient for when you need a quick seal..



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