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      I don’t have the Reynolds one so I can’t speak for it, but I do have the

      foodsaver big one and the handheld. I’ve had them about a month now and

      absolutely love them.

      My big one has a feature where it will flip up when not in use to make

      more cabinet space. I have several of the foodsaver canisters that I

      store leftovers in and the hand held is so quick and easy to reseal

      those with.

      On anything moist like hamburger meat, soups etc. You really should

      freeze them at least semi solid before you vacuum seal them or you risk

      sucking the liquid up in the motor and running your sealer.

      We put hamburger patties on a cookie sheet and flash freeze them for two

      hours before bagging them. This creates an additional plus of the

      patties not being stuck together when bagged.

      Soups, making a sausage lentil one today, I freeze in a plastic ziploc

      bowl until solid and hen do the old jello mold trick of running water on

      the outside of the container to pop out the frozen chunk and then seal.

      If the food is just slightly moist, ie a roast you can put a paper towel

      between the meat and the seal and that will absorb the liquid.

      If you are doing anything like flour put a coffee filter or piece of

      paper towel over the top to keep the powder from being sucked into your

      motor and ruining it.

      Yes you can wash the bags. Food saver even suggests it in their owners

      manuals. They say to turn them inside out and put them on the top shelf

      of the dishwasher. However, they do advise against doing this with

      anything that has had meat in it. Or if you have either boiled the bag

      or microwaved in it.

      I don’t know about the Reynolds one but the big foodsaver will also seal

      mylar bags like potato chip bags, of course you want to do just the seal

      feature or you will crush your chips

      That’s why I like the canisters you can put chips and other crushables

      in them and they get vacuum sealed with no crushing. Jan who knows the

      foodsaver is expensive but in the long run she’ll come out way ahead on

      food that isn’t ruined from freezer burn in OK

      deanna bryan wrote:



      > I bought one last night and used it today. so far it

      > seems to be working.

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