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      i have four dogs and two cats so there is a lot of fur around here. for a vacuum i have a dyson animal and i really love it. i have loved a bag-less since they came out.

      it is so easy to just empty the collection canister, put it back in and get back to vacuuming. you never have to worry that you don’t have another bag. the dyson animal has never had a problem in my house with all the fur (and feathers too as i also have six birds).

      i have nothing to do with dyson, i am just a very satisfied customer.


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      from: gjjmg2000
      Sent: Friday, March 28, 2008 2:47:35 PM
      Subject: : vacuum

      I need to buy a new vacuum. I am thinking about a bagless vacuum. If
      you have one would you let me know the pros and cons.

      Which one do you
      have. We are a family of three at this time. We take care of foster
      children five and under so I need something that will get up all the
      dog hair.

      We have three dogs.
      Thank you,

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