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      i am looking for member opinions of food vacuum storage devices.

      1. which brand did you buy?
      2. how long have you used it?

      do you freeze with it?
      4. how well does it perform?
      5. would you buy again?

      we purchased the deni food vacuum 10 years ago. we used it several times. we would never, ever buy it again.

      – it does not hold its vacuum
      – it did not ever hold vacuum in the freezer
      – it did not suction well
      – making the bags from the rolls of plastic was a nightmare.

      we would like to own one that is good quality and lasts and performs well, we value opinions based on experience. thank you in advance for the time you take to respond.

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      I have a food storage brand sealer. I have had this one for about ayear now, had a smaller version for about ten years before but it finally wore out from use 🙂 so needed to get a new one. Yes I like to freeze with it, leftovers, purchase the larger packages of items and break them into smaller useable sizes.

      I also use it for drying foods, and other items to store in the pantry. Would I buy it again, most definitely!

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      @robin1035 130171 wrote:

      i am looking for member opinions of food vacuum storage devices.

      i’ve been using the foodsaver vacuum sealer for years now and would use nothing else. right now i have their top of the line vertical unit and love it. the foodsaver uses a trough vacuum chamber rather than the snorkle tube variety that i think your early deni was.

      the snorkle type are worthless.

      i use the vacuum-seal bags of all sizes, the containers and also the mason jar sealers. i also now have the “freshsaver” which is a small hand-held unit good for the new zipper-seal bags which are great for refrigerator storage and times when you need to get into the bag often.

      everything in my freezer is vacuum-sealed. food without it will not survive long and the foodsaver bags prevent freezer burn. using the bags is much cheaper than the loss of food otherwise.

      bulk commercial bags are put in to smaller bags for serving sizes and makes meal preparation a breeze.

      foodsaver now has “steamer” bags which are fantastic for advance meal preparation — vacuum sealed and frozen and then right to the microwave to be steamed cooked.

      foodsaver also has joined the competition with zipper-sealed bags. though rated only for the refrigerator, they can be cleaned and reused. i will still use them on occasion for the freezer but there is no guarantee the zipper can hold its vacuum when frozen solid.

      any of their various hand-held units are worth getting, but my fresh-saver is definitely a rush-to-market since the recharging base is a joke (it takes 2 hands to remove unit).

      All in all, get a current model FoodSaver and enjoy the benefits.

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      I had some inexpensive brand with a snorkel for several years. It seemed to work okay, but I thought it should have sucked out more air. I used it very little for years only because it seemed rather worthless and I thought they were all that way unless I bought a commercial one.

      However, I was at a friend’s house and saw what they had vacuum packed to send off with the husband to Iraq, and was amazed at how tightly it was vacuumed. I asked what brand, and it was a Food Saver. I was telling my sister about it, and she said hers was a Food Saver as well and she wouldn’t buy anything else.

      She said she had some peaches she vacuumed packed and forgot about, and three years later she found them at the bottom of the freezer and looking just like they did the day she put them in there, and she said they were just as good as fresh.

      So I bought a Food Saver and love it. I vacuum pack so much more now than I ever did. I almost think I should just make it a permanent part of my countertop!!

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      I’ve never used vacuumed sealers before but this summer at the Military Commissary I shop at they had little hand units by Reynolds and Ziploc. I don’t know how long the seal will last but so far I’ve got some in the freezer that are at the 2 month stage and still sealed up nicely. Anyway I only got these because they had coupons and I got the sealers and the bags for like 50 cents each.

      I wanted to use them when I dried my soup mixes for storage. I’m having so much fun I might have to get one of the ones you have talked about here!

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      I have the Ziplock sealer in my emergency kit since everything in it is sealed so the elements will not effect them if conditions turn bad and the sealer of course is manual so no batteries to worry about.

      I have two Reynolds sealers, one of them in the garage where lots of things get sealed in bags to keep them clean. But sadly Reynolds has discontinued this item, according to their website.

      In the meantime FoodSaver has recently come out with several different rechargeable hand units, as if their R&D Department was unable to decide on which way to go so they did them all. I had a chance to get their “FreshSaver” through various discounts and it works as advertised though I don’t like the charging base.

      All in all, I cannot exist without my vacuum sealers. By carefully watching for deals on eBay and elsewhere I’m able to get plenty of bags without it killing my pocketbook, but even without that it has been a savings over the long run because stuff has not gone bad, stale, infested with bugs, or rusted. Long live FoodSaver.

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      I had a Sears food saver years ago when I use to buy bulk. It worked great and they had bags on a roll so you could make the bags to the size you needed. I just stopped doing bulk.

      I do not even know if they still make it, Now that was almost 30 years ago. It was still working when I recently donated it and the left over bags to the purple heart. I did recently purchase the ziplock one, have not use it yet, thought I may try it when I get things on special.

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      I’ve heard the bags, even on sale, are really expensive. If one bag is 50cents, you have to add that cost to your savings. Like if you freeze a single serving of food, 50 cents is a lot to add to that cost. How many times can you clean and reuse the bags?

      Are some able to be reused more than others? Even with ziploc bags, I haven’t been able to wash and reuse them more than once or maybe twice if the food in it was bread or cookies or something like that. Even the gallon bag I keep our block of cheese in starts to stink after one 5lb block.

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      Any good ideas for getting good deals on bags. I use my food saver often but the price of bags adds up.

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      @svidal 322692 wrote:

      Any good ideas for getting good deals on bags. I use my food saver often but the price of bags adds up.

      You might want to look on e-bay. A few years ago we got a huge box of vacuum sealer bags for $5.

      I don’t use vacuum bags now i use the hose attachment and vacuum seal into canning jars.

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