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      To the lady who is traveling from Long Island to Buffalo: If you

      check out Jamestown (about 2 hours south of Buffalo) you will find a

      number of activities. We have Lucille Ball’s museum, Roger Tory

      Peterson’s museum. There is a Burgeson Bird Sanctuary which is just a

      fun place to hike. We have Midway Park (not your big overdone 6 Flags,

      but just a nice little family park with quite a number or rides for

      smaller children and it is also on the Lake. Chautauqua is close by,

      and if you go on Sunday, all you pay for is parking. If you do decide

      to do Jamestown, I am sure you could find a kennel to leave your dog in

      for the day quite easily. Are you sure you really want to travel with

      him? Check your internet for Jamestown and Chautauqua County for more

      information. Good luck with your vacation plans!! If you do Niagara

      Falls, check to see if you need a passport to get back into the US. I

      don’t know if that has gone into effect yet or not, but the view from

      the Canadian side is (in my opinion) nicer. If you haven’t been to

      Niagara Falls, I am sure you will find it spectacular. It’s too bad

      your vacation won’t be in June when the flowers will be at their

      bestbut it is still nice. Grandma D

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