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      Hi, I’m from the Eastern Shore of MD, about a 3 hour drive to dc. but, i have visited a number of times. my dc recommendations are: the library of congress, just to go inside and see the way it was designed, based on the baths of caracella (ancient roman building), amazing!!!

      mt. vernon, not far across the potomac, and the tomb of the unknown solider, any of the museums on the mall, but my personal favorites are the native american, newest and so amazing, the natural history museum, and the air and space, as well as the national gallery of art, but certainly depending on the individual interests of each member, something for everyone. also, the washington monument, but be advised the line gets long, long, long for that and many other monuments to go inside!!!

      again, you can probably do a google of dc tourist attractions and find far more than i can suggest should pop up, and i’ve gone quite a few times. try
      For the White House, either a tour company or probably direct from the White House. There is a Trolley that does the major places, I’ve never used as I’m very familiar with the area.

      There are also river luncheon and dinner cruises on the Potomac. Be sure to try some local delicacies–Steamed Hard Crabs, fried soft crabs, crab cakes, Rock fish, fresh corn on the cob, Chingoteague Oysters, come to mind. Also the Washington Cathedral is beautiful, and in my opinion, close to what the European Cathedrals are like, but far newer.

      not sure how far afield you are willing or can go, will you have a car? if so, i’d recommend visiting the chesapeake bay, might not look like much standing on the beach at say sandy point state park, but i live on an island in the bay, and it is such an amazing body of water, my family’s livelihood has come from the bay for generations and still does. it’s maybe 40ish miles from downtown DC.
      Also, if you have a car, you might like some other day trips, and one of my favorite is the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

      Just outside of Annapolis, a former capital of the Federal Period 1788, maybe 30 miles from DC, I will warn you, smoking, drinking, and dancing is allowed, but I do neither and have gone for well over 20+ years, usually multiple times annuallyand it is the biggest tourist event in md. however, it only runs weekends, from late aug to late oct. so, if you’re here in early august, it won’t be on.

      but it is wonderful, full of shows, pay one price, and all the shows–concerts, plays, jousting, md’s state sport, etc., covered. food and any thing purchased–jewelry, clothing, and more items than you can imagine are extra. but the level of artistry by the vendorsis amazing, even if you are just window shopping.

      the first weekend is generally family and children weekend. but, people of all ages, many dressed in lavish costumes will be there.
      do know that in dc and most of md it will be hot and humid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t reinforce that enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      take water, travel early if doing outside things, water, water, water, etc. heat/humidity and i have a hate relationship, fyi.
      if you can do more day trips, the national aquarium is only about 40ish miles north, in Baltimore, also, there you will find the Baltimore Orioles and again how late in Aug, the Baltimore Ravens, if anyone likes baseball or football. As I drive 30 miles one way to work every day, I don’t find the travel distance of 30, 40, or 50 miles excessive.

      Down on the Eastern Shore of md, is ocean city, very young person friendly–long boardwalk, long, long, long, long beach area and just north on the same strip of beach are several other beach communities notably rehobeth, de.less boardwalk, and more adult in some ways, plenty of activities, shopping and dining at both places. also adjacent to ocean city is the maryland stretch of assateague island if you like nature of a barrier island.
      and this isn’t even going to some other, day trips in md or va if you have a car. and hotels in dc will cost far more.

      if possible, try to stay a few miles or more out. there is a really good subway system in dc, soeven if you stay outside the middle of dc, you can always drive tothe outer stations, park and then take the subway in, generally how i travel.

      delicious ideas to please the pickiest eaters. Watch the video on AOL Living.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Vacation ideas in Washington DC and Maryland