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      We stayed across the river in Rossalyn, Virginia when we went a couple of years ago. Find a hotel just a couple of blocks from the Rossalyn subway station. It saves all of the parking fees.

      We stayed in a mediocre hotel, certainly nothing special, but the about the cheapest we could find. It had parking, we rented cars at the airport, and pay laundry, pool, fridges, and microwaves. We ate breakfast, usu cereal, in our rooms. Lunches we packed, and ate while site-seeing.

      Weusu ate dinner at restaurants. These were very important to us with so many people, and for 2 weeks. Figure out what your needs are, then look for a hotel with those things.

      The bus tour of the monuments was awesome- the kids loved it. Then, when we were more familiar with things, we went back to the monuments that we wanted a closer look at. We spent a whole day walking around Capital mall and exploring the monuments

      We really liked the wwii monument, spent quite a bit of time there. also, my bil’s friend died in vietnam, so we spent alot of time at that monument finding his name. plan a few days at the smithsonian- we went with our whole, extended family- 26 of us.

      We took votes on everyones first choice of Smithsonian buildings, and went to 3, I think. You could spend a week in each building, so we had to make chioces. The ones I remember best are aerospace, and natural history- both were fantastic.

      we also did the halocaust museum. the library of congress tour was very good. you have to contact your senator, or house rep, to get tickets to the white house.

      they have to escort you. the capital is the same. that was not my job to arrange, so i don’t remember which it is.

      getting tickets to both is very difficult. and, i would start making calls now, and you have to have your exact dates, to get
      tickets, because it takes a long time to work out. we only got a limited number of tickets to the capital, so not all of us went.

      getting inside tours of both is very difficult, also. plane fare into dc is very expensive, so we flew into maryland and drove about an hour to our hotel. kennedy airport is right there, so would be much more convenient.

      we just had so many people, and tickets were alomost $200. less, per ticket to fly into Maryland.. Sorry, I can’t remember the name of the airport.

      Oh, yeah, we also took a tour of the Kennedy Center. The adults loved it, the kids were bored stiff. Our kids ranged from 4 years old to 14 years old ( 13 kids).

      We did not do evening stuff, besides play cards and stuff at the hotel after kids were in bed, so can’t help you there. We had a WONDERFUL time. Everyone still talks about it as
      a great trip.


      M F wrote:

      we would like to visit wa dc and maryland in early august. white house of course and other places. what are some of must see in wa dc. i was told that if we want to take a tour of the white-house we need tickets way in advance.

      how do we go about getting the tickets and who do we contact. is pentagon open to the public and how do
      we get the tickets to any of the government places.

      we are a family of 4 with a 20 yr and a 16 yr old children. We do not drink, smoke or dance. What are some family oriented things to do and see around that area.

      It will be August so indoor and outdoor places will be good. Inexpensive places is what we are looking for. I did notice that the hotels out east are more costly than in illinois.

      Thank you,

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