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      What an awesome vacation. We have been several times. First, contact your congressman.

      We got VIP passes to several things. Also, something fun but you can’t see it, you can purchase a flag and have it flown on the day you request. My kids loved it. For the most part, everything regarding ‘tourism’ was all in walking distance and what isn’t you can take the metro.

      The metro can be intimidating at first, but very easy once you do it. If you get on the wrong one, no problem get off at the stop. It’s so simple.

      The museums…google ‘dc museums’ and everything pops up.

      The Pentegon City Mall is fabulous!!! 3 stories and every girls dream of a mall. It’s also a great ‘cooling off’ place.

      You have to be careful because there are also several street vendors. I never buy from the first one. I also always bargain when buying from one of them.

      A fun but not so cheap thing to do is go to Union Station and take a train ride. My kids like going to Union Station and just walk around to all the different shops. You can spend a day there.

      I love dc. if we were to ever relocate, we’ve always said it will be near there. you’re right, august will be a scorcher.

      have a great time. i would not suggest staying directly in dc. when we go we stay at the crown plaza in alexandria.

      the metro stop is right outside, very kid friendly, a little pricey, but we’ve come to realize everything there is. if you’re flying,
      one thing i would make sure of is the hotel has a free shuttle service to and from the airport. the crown plaza will also take you to pentegon city mall.

      cab rides go by districts. you can be 2 miles from the next district and it could cost $40, but go 15 miles within one district and it’s next to nothing. I had never heard of that one before.

      Arlington Cemetary was great. My husband is Active Duty so it was really special. They have a bus tour to drive you around it otherwise plan on a LOT of walking up and down hills.

      I have four kids and my littlest loved going to the treasury and getting a ‘million dollars’. Of course it was shredded but she didn’t care 🙂 Each child went with a few disposable cameras and even our little one took her own pics. She still pulls them out every few months and talks about the trips we’ve made.

      Have a great time. Robyn

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      we would like to visit wa dc and maryland in early august. white house of course and other places. what are some of must see in wa dc. i was told that if we want to take a tour of the white-house we need tickets way in advance.

      how do we go about getting the tickets and who do we contact. is pentagon open to the public and how do we get the tickets to any of the government places.

      we are a family of 4 with a 20 yr and a 16 yr old children. We do not drink, smoke or dance. What are some family oriented things to do and see around that area.

      It will be August so indoor and outdoor places will be good. Inexpensive places is what we are looking for. I did notice that the hotels out east are more costly than in illinois.

      Thank you,

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      Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.
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