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      11.0pt;color:#1F497D;”>Don’t miss South Carolina!!! What kind of “history”
      are you thinking of? The town I live in is Manning, SC.

      The city hall right
      across the street from my work was where Brown Vs. Board Of Education was
      started. If you’re going right up 95, its exit 119.

      Also, if you want to
      take a little side jaunt, Charleston is about 45 minutes south on 26, it crosses
      95 about 30 miles up the road from me. Walking the battery is amazing. you can
      also see fort sumter from the battery, or take a trip out there by ferry.

      is rich with history, as the start of the civil war, we spent a day at charles
      town, the original settled colony. i just love charleston!

      11.0pt;color:#1F497D;”>Christina Coyle
      11.0pt;color:#1F497D;”>Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
      11.0pt;color:#1F497D;”>Area Manager of Andrews and Manning, SC
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      11.0pt;color:#1F497D;”>Manning: 803-433-5777
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      Subject: : Vacation ideas

      Hi. We are a homeschooling family and my children
      spent last year studying American History. What a wonderful

      My children would love to see some of the historical sights
      of what they spent all year learning about. of course, just like
      everyone else, money is very tight so i thought it might be fun to do a
      camping trip. we live in coral springs, florida which is on the eastern

      i am hoping that i can pick your brains for information or
      resources on how to plan a camping trip in september or october to some of
      the american history sights – north carolina and virginia, probably. i
      know if we drive to virginia we can see monticello, jamestown, williamsburg,
      and washington dc. i heard that williamsburg has certain homeschool
      days, does anyone know about that?

      anyways, i would really appreciate
      any advice on campgrounds, historical sights, discounts, “don’t
      miss” spots. thank you so much.

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