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      If you are coming through va, check out civil war history sites.

      there’s some battlefields, etc here. i live in harrisonburg,

      va..about an hour from monticello and montpelier, and about 2 hrs

      from dc. charlottesville, va has a few campgrounds, near those 2

      places. Mt. Vernon near dc is a great place to visit.

      consider the

      smithsonian, it’s all free and wonderful museums! search the

      websites, ask for phamplets to be mailed to you. i know most history

      places do have homeschool activities, ask for info when you ask for

      phamplets online. all are geared with govt/public school sol’s in

      mind, so you know they are kid-educate oriented. also, for a low

      cost camping check out blue ridge parkway and skyline drive, all govt

      forests. i’ve found some cheaper camping there plus some spots have

      what i call “ranger rick” programs for children. sept would be a

      lovely time to visit these areas and camp. i would suggest reserving

      spots now for fall, many people come to see the foliage at that time

      of year, so campground get booked early. blue ridge parkway starts

      in cherokee, nc (i believe) and ends at afton, va, where the skyline

      drive begins, skyline ends in front royal, va. there is no fee for

      blue ridge but a fee for the skyline. also, check out state parks

      they usually have cheaper camping fees. check out the hiking trails

      on the parkways, they have some nice ones with waterfalls, etc.

      williamsburg ole town is great! plan your trip, you can’t possibly

      do it all there in one day! we usually do at least a 2 day tour.

      Cheaper eats and drinks>> backpack your lunch for the day in

      Williamsburg, just as if you were going to an amusement park kinda

      deal. Outdoor garb needed, it’s mostly outside with in-and-out of

      buildings. Very lovely done area! Very educational happenings.

      Goggle it and ask for an info pack now to plan your trip.

      Monticello is a must see! I love Monticello! Research Jefferson’s

      agriculture influences before you come. You and the children will

      appreciate the grounds/gardens more if you have studied Jefferson’s

      knowledge of plants. Visit your library this summer on books of

      places you want to go. Travel books are available for almost

      anywhere. Again, I’m, in central Va and my husband travels to

      Charlottesville once a week on business, so let me know if I can help

      you further as a “native”.

      Natural Bridge is a great place for kids. Hiking trail has an Indian

      village, again pack lunch and cool drinks, and dress for hiking.

      Camping nearby. Personal option>> Wax Museum is nice, but skip the

      zoo there and hit dc’s zoo instead.

      don’t forget va’s caverns, they are pretty fun to tour.

      here’s a few sites to get ya brainstorming: (parkway/skyline) (parkway/skyline) (williamsburg) (jamestown)

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