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      This spring, we’re going on a vacation. I want to put together some
      little “gift” packs for the kids (for starters to keep them
      occupied, but also to cut back on the need/want for suviouneers).
      Since the vacation is still 2 months off, I have plenty of time to
      start picking stuff up slowly.

      The idea came when I was at Family Dollar and saw these cute little
      Disney lanterns that are battery powered. Dimmer than a flashlight,
      but they’d be great as a night light. Anyway, they were only $2
      each, and came in a good assortment.

      They also had Disney hand held
      battery powered Fans for the same price.

      Well, here’s what I have so far (I went only to Family Dollar &
      Dollar Tree), and I want idea’s on other stuff:

      Disney Lantern for each of them
      Disney Fan for each of them
      1 package of glow necklaces for each of them
      coloring books & sudoku books for them to share
      A 2 pack deck of Old Maid/ Go Fish cards for them to share
      A 2 pack of pop top (like bug juice) small water bottles to carry
      with them
      A package with 2 different memo board road games, 2 cards for each
      game, for them to share.

      Now, I want to get them either a backpack (they have school ones,
      but both are from last year, so are falling apart) or a fanny pack
      or a tote they can use afterwards to put the stuff in.

      Aside from that, the only other thing I can really think of is maybe
      a disposable camera for each of them.

      Any idea’s on low cost things I can include in thier packs? Food
      wise, we’re brining groceries & snacks, so they won’t need that.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Vacation "gift" pack ideas?