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      Lower the price. Horrible thing to tell you……but if it is cheap enough it

      will sell. I am retired Real Estate Broker. You have to have an edge and in

      this buyer’s market the only edge that will really work is lower price.

      If you end up in foreclosure or lose the house to fire with no insurance, your

      loss will be very great … so perhaps to cut your losses, take a loss on the


      The other thing is to sell it on your own, and lower the price. Caution here

      though, you need a good mortgage insurance company to work with to do the

      closing. It is much cheaper than a percentage that you would pay out to the


      Also what are you paying the realtor in percentages for selling it and depending

      on how long a contract you signed, you may renegotiate the percentage of realtor

      fees. They “charge” so much but they can charge less very often, plus they

      need the money to make the sale. IF your percentage is already low, it is

      counter advisable to lower that though. Are you in multiple listing? Where all

      kinds of realtors can sell the home? What does your contract look like? In a

      multiple listing you have hundreds of sales people working on selling your home.

      Perhaps your realtor would reduce the percentage of fees and you can lower your

      price. That would help if you can do this…

      You can shop insurance companies by calling independent insurance brokers.

      Check your yellow pages, ask agents and see what you can find. The thing is,

      most insurance companies see an empty house as an invitation to trouble and

      financial loss. These houses are often broken into. Try other ins

      agencies…. there must be one that will insure it even if for a short


      As for foreclosure, a bank and your credit, will view that worse than a

      bankruptcy. dash


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      I really don’t have a lot of advice to offer, but to just say I

      feel your pain. We moved almost a year ago and our house has been

      on the market.

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