Vacant house woes

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      20 showings is not a lot either…. check out where and what is being advertised

      on your house. Ask your agent to show you the ads and multiple listing sheets

      and be sure it is written up decently.

      Have your agent take color pictures and get sheets up in new and different

      places……or YOU do it…. 20 showings in really not many showings if you have

      had it on the market awhile. Your agent needs to work harder at this… and

      adding money to a money pit is not the thing. You can put on your sale thing

      for instance….. allowance for new carpet like for $2000 etc. Lots of things

      you can do……dash

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      From: Nikki

      Subject: Re: : Vacant house woes

      e-mail me off list I am curious about your for sale house


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