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      I bought a 1 1/2 acre for $17,000.00,kept it for 4 years,and wanted to sale

      as owner fianced for $21,000.00. I went to my realtor to list the property.

      He said ,”you want to list for $17,000.00″ I said ,”No, I want to list for

      $21,000.00.”It was listed for months and he kept asking me to reduce it.

      I had another lady who was buyint a home from me and jokeingly i told

      her,”sale this property and I will give you one month free house payment.”

      She fouund someone , they bought for $21,000.00,closed thru an attorney and

      Title Co. and I took her a receipt for one months house payment.

      Moral of the story is -you know what you want for the property,if one way

      doesn’t work ,try another. Keep on it.

      Stage your home like on tv. Network. Someone could buy from you,saving the

      realtor’s fee.

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      > 20 showings is not a lot either…. check out where and what is being

      advertised on your house. Ask your agent to show you the ads and multiple

      listing sheets and be sure it is written up decently.

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