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      Be careful about the cranberry juice as it can cover up an even worse uti. i
      have known several people who did this and ended up with kidney infections and
      in the hospital. drink lots and lots of water and i suggest the cranberry
      pills you can get from the store.

      also, try eating some good yogurt with
      acidopholus. but, really, you should maybe go to the dr. it might really needs
      antibiotics to kill the bacteria. but, after that, make sure your water intake
      is good, you have good yogurt (this will help to kill all sorts of bad bacteria
      and if you do get antibiotics from dr, eat yogurt too), and if you do drink
      cranberry juice, it really needs to be the sugar free kind–too much sugar in a
      diet can lead to uti’s as well.

      if you are susceptible to lots of uti’s talk
      to your dr about other things you can be doing to help prevent them.

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