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      Lori, I have been in the emergency medical field for many years and also
      had in the past in my younger years a few UTI’s one that was so severe that
      I thought that someone was stabbing my side with a hot sword, the pain was
      so bad that I could hardly move. The best thing I can tell you is #1 go to
      the Dr. they will give you pills for me it was little red pills and the next
      day I was feeling better. But I did get out 2 of my medical books to help
      you and anyone else that might have this problem.

      Bladder infections are
      caused by a bacteria and women subject to recurring infections average over
      1 episode each year. At least one-half of the serious aspects of the
      recurrences is that at it involves the upper urinary tract-the kidneys.
      Repeated kidney infections can cause permanent and progressive degrees of
      kidney failure. Bladder infections in men LOL are much less common, but I do
      know that it happens.

      A diagnosis is simple, a urine specimen is taken and
      cultured in the lab for id of the offending bacterium to guide antibiotic
      treatment. Also not that Symptoms of the bladder infection may be present
      with no bacteria found in the urine. The first line of treatment usually
      involves prescribing an antibiotic.

      Now I will also pass on your way since
      I go with the holistic prevention and treatment, since I don’t like
      medication from the pharmacy’s, they all seem to have side effects that I
      don’t care for. So here it goes, this is what you have been looking for I
      think. Sugar inhibits bacterial destruction and should be avoided.
      Blueberry juice, which is hard to find, but you can buy frozen blueberries
      or canned, or fresh if you can find them, fresh is best. This is a natural
      antibiotic!!!Blueberry juice is preferable over cranberry juice since most
      all have sugar added and unsweetened cranberry juice is not very palatable.
      Next Alkalinizing the urine also is beneficial, this can be done by taking
      sodium citrate 3 times daily for 2 days and the best agents are calcium,
      magnesium or potassium citrate, the amounts of the elemental mineral should
      be 250 mg.

      four time per day. Other Vitamins and supplements that help are
      Vit. C take 1 or 2 grams 3 to 4 times per day, this is a high dosage but
      you will not maintain it since it will be voided when you go to the

      Vit A helps fight infection and can be taken in lg. doses of
      50,000 I.U. daily for up to a week in adults and for 2 days in a row in
      children and infants.

      Don not take if pregnancy is a possibility!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Acidophilus and bifidus supplements correct imbalances in the vaginal flora,
      which when seriously damaged, tend to lead to both vaginal and bladder
      infections. Not food sensitivities can also cause bladder irritations
      without infections, this would be know if you were tested and no bacterial
      infection found, then it would be to elimination trial and a real challenge
      to find what food is causing the trouble. herbs for uti’s bearberry to
      treat bladder infections dosage in 1:5 tincture form: 1-1:1/2 tsp.

      3 times
      daily. Goldseal, taken as a 1:5 tincture, 1-1/2 tsp. 3 times per day
      effective against many bacteria commonly involved, Gotu kola(centella
      asiatica) take 60mg.

      daily and juniper berry and cornsilk teas have
      therapeutic benefits. Professional Care Therapies, Homeopathy, classic
      homeopathic diagnosis and Rx. may be curative for recurrent cystitis.
      Remedies for Rx.

      include Apis Mel or Cantharis, Acupuncture can be a help
      for recurrent infections. Please not that relaxation practice will tend to
      improve bladder emptying and reduce the contribution made by urethral spasm
      and poor bladder emptying. Immune responses also improve with the practice
      of these skills.

      please note: if you have any of the following symptoms for
      more than 24 hours contact you physician. frequent and urgent need to
      urinate, painful urination, cloudy urine, lower back or abdominal pain,
      blood in the urine, this is very important some mistreated uti’s can cause
      more serious problems called acute pyelonephritis include fever, chills,
      nausea, vomiting, difficult and painful urination, groin pain, and midback
      pain. you will need medical attention asap.

      last but not least drink lots
      of water all day long 8 – 10 glasses each day, and soda esp. Mt. Dew will
      make your problem worse.

      Also eat lots of yogurt with live acidophilus
      cultures it will say this on the label, and I know woman that eat it
      everyday just to keep UTI’S under control, eat lot of fruit oranges,
      strawberries, blueberries ( again) and kiwi, also red bell peppers and
      papaya are good and stay away for caffeinated foods and drinks and also
      spicy foods, tomatoes and alcohol. Sorry I have wrote a book, but this is
      such a big problem esp. with younger girls and if not correct it can cause
      more medial problems that can be a lot worse.

      Underline, go to the Dr. and
      have a test, and watch what you eat and drink. Good luck!! Blessings your


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