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      Heres is another sort of recipe that I made this week to use up some bread. When DH was laid off during the winter he volunteered at a food bank. They sent him home with lots of bread that we froze.

      I had some really hard square italian type rolls that had spices on them to hard to eat. I also had some wheat english muffins. Again I don’t actually use recipes I am one of those mix and cook type cooks. I know what seasonings and spices go well together so that is what I do.

      Anyway I got out my trusty 8×8 pan I started using this size years ago because it is just right for the three of us and it fits in the toaster oven. Electric ovens use lots of electricity.

      I greased my 8×8 pan filled with the torn up bread and sprikled some poultry seasoning on my bread. In my fry pan I cooked onion and celery in butter and oil and add bouilon cubes and water to make a broth I cant remember how much boulion I added to make broth as I said I am one of those do it till it looks right cooks poured this mix over the bread and baked at 350 till it dried out to the texture I wanted. This was the best stuffing I every made. I think I might of had about a quart of the broth, onion celery mix to the 8 x 8 pan full of bread.

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