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      I use white vinegar only. In the bleach section of my front load washing machine I put vinegar in to deodorize clothing that I?m not bleaching. My mom used w.

      vinegar to get the white scratches off her drinking glasses. I think she just poured about ? a cup in each load.

      I put vinegar/water/alcohol in a squirt bottle and use it as a cleaning agent. I also used to use vinegar in my mop water. Now I have a steam cleaner and use it (which works great by the way!) I also used to use vinegar to clean windows but now my steamer does that for me.

      When we had carpet I?d put it on spots where the pets made a mess and it?d help deodorize the area. But pet messes are nasty and I?m so happy we have tile/wood.

      That?s all I can think of for now.


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