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      Plain white vinegar has so many cool uses, but the most impressive I’ve come across yet is to use it for…ready?…A yeast infection (shrieks of horror!!!)

      stubborn yi’s, especially the really tough ones some of us suffer through during pregnancy, respond very well to vinegar.

      fill your tub with just enough water (as hot as you can take it) to make a “sitz bath” depth, then add about 1 cup of vinegar. Sit in it with your legs spread wide open to allow the vinegar water to , ahem, penetrate. Use a washcloth to wash the outer areas thoroughly.

      You can do this in conjunction with a otc treatment, or if you prefer the natural way, alternate these baths with in and outside applications of plain yogurt with live cultures in it.

      do not douche with vinegar and water regularly if you do not have a yeast infection. this screws with your body’s normal ph and can actually make you more prone to getting one!!! save the vinegar for when you really need it!

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