Uses for Lint

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      Lint from the dryer is usually saved for fire starting, it makes it a lot easier.


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      When saving dryer lint it is best to keep it in a fireproof container such as glass or metal because dryer lint is very flammable.

      Dryer lint is highly flammable, keep dryer lint in your kindling box and you will always be able to start your fires easily.

      Dryer lint makes an excellent packing material. When you are packing something in an envelope.

      Help the birds build their nests. Just place clumps of dryer lint out on your lawn and under bird feeders, watch in amazement as the birds fight over this premium nesting material.

      Lint can be added to your compost pile and will disintegrate into fertilizer as long as the fibers are natural.

      Use dryer lint to protect your plants from the cold. And this also keeps them warm and moist.

      Stuff your old tube socks with dryer lint and you’ve got yourself a great draft stopper. Place the stuffed socks on the floor in front of your door to keep out the cold air in the winter.

      Dryer lint is also useful for craft projects.–Filling heads of dolls ect. in place of fiber fill..

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      I save my dryer lint and empty toilet paper rolls. I spray lice spray onto the lint. Stuff the lint into the toilet paper rolls.

      Insert the rolls into nooks and crannys in stone walls and log piles. The mice and other small rodents (tick carriers) take the lint to build nests. The lice spray doesn’t harm the mice or the ticks.

      It kills the tick larvae and thereby, interrups the tick cycle.

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