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      User Infractions

      :doh:What it is: The user infraction system gives points for rule violations. Some infractions will expire after a certain time period and some never expire. This is based on the severity of the infraction.

      just a noteThe following is a list of the current user infractions, their point value, and their expiration’s.


      Posting of an unapproved link in signature or posts

      * Links to competing sites, referral programs*, or any site that nets you a profit or competes with this website in nature or our affiliates is not permitted. (*Exception– members with 25+ posts may post their referral link on our referral boards)

      The rule on signatures is that you may not have any link in your signature that links outside of Budget101 Forums unless you have:

      A. Paid the fee for advertising OR
      B. Have asked for approval from an Admin or Super Moderator.

      * Points – 5
      * Expires in – 1 Month

      :014:Flaming or insulting another member or staff.

      * All flaming or insulting post violations will result only if a member finds your post(s) to be serious enough to report your post for violation*** of this rule. Members are to self govern this rule by reporting any post that they feel has gotten way out of hand. Flaming and insulting members does apply in all forums.

      * Points – 5
      * Expires – 7 Days

      :bs_stopspamnlamor: Spamming the board via PM or posts

      *Spam is not tolerated what so ever at Budget101. Spam is an immediate and permanent ban.

      * Points – 30
      * Expires – Never

      Creating Multiple Usernames

      *Creating Multiple usernames/accounts for the purpose of bumping posts is prohibited.

      * Points – 15
      * Expires – 1 month

      :Scissors:Promoting Fraudulent Coupon Activity

      Posting about using coupons in a fraudulent manner or Posting a known Fraudulent Coupon

      * Points – 30
      * Expires – Never

      Negative I-Trader Ratings

      Please note, ALL negative I-trader ratings are reviewed by site staff and may result in removal from the ability to participate in the experience shop.


      All infractions have consequences, here you will find how many points and how many infractions it will take to give users a consequence.

      10 Points OR 6 Infractions = 2 Day Ban from the board
      20 Points OR 8 Infractions = 5 Day Ban from the board
      30 Points OR 10 Infractions = Permanent Ban from the board

      We realize that Budget101 Forums does not have many violations but they do come up from time to time. Most members are respectful to one another and follow the rules and we appreciate that!

      We feel that knowing the rules and what will happen if you break the rules is good for the forum.

      All Budget101 Staff, Mods, & SuperMods are able to issue infractions.

      Of course we hope none of our members will ever need to get an infraction, But as the board grows each day we realize that it’s bound to happen from time to time.

      just a note *** To report a post for rule violations please click on this – -icon which can be found in the right hand corner of each post. This will send a message to our staff.

      If at any point we feel the need to revise these infractions we will and will amend this post and bump it to let you know if there are new infractions. Our goal here is run the board smoothly so that we can focus our time and energy on bringing you the best information on frugal living (within your means), dirt cheap recipes, freebies and hot coupons.

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      Thanks for posting these… I’m familiar with infractions policies on other boards and kind of wondered how they worked here.

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      Thanks for the info 🙂

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      Very good to know rules!!!

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      wow good to known the rule

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      Thanks for the rules I am very excited about all os this as this will be a new experience for me. I am an activities director ans am always looking for and passing on coupons, freebies and deals. so excited to see so many like minded people

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      Thanks for the rules. I am new to the website and am eager to learn and share tips and strategies.

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      @keoconnor 172829 wrote:

      Thanks for the rules. I am new to the website and am eager to learn and share tips and strategies.

      We’re happy to have you, there’s a lot of info here on the site and if we can help you out in any way, feel free to ask. 🙂

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      Thanks for the info — running this site must be a major undertaking! I appreciate that we have lots of people taking care of us!

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      When I look at my experience since this new promotion deal is going on I have the following items on my profile which I do not understand. 07:49 AM Armymomof2 has lost -4 Points for Posts points

      07:49 AM Armymomof2 has lost -22 Points for User points

      07:49 AM Armymomof2 has lost -10 Points for Misc points

      07:49 AM Armymomof2 has earned 9 Points for threads points

      06:50 AM Armymomof2 has lost -9 Points for threads points

      Can someone explain what is going on? I also seem to have lost my blog award as well.

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      Thanks will there be any kind of warning for any of these, or is there some where or someone we can email if we have a question about something we may want to share.

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      Liss I believe Budget 101, User Infractions System is fair.

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      Thank you so much for the information.

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      Good concise explanation. Thanks.

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      Thank you so much for the information.

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      helpful but what if you get hacked or a virus that ends up spamming people or something? how do u know if you have points? im new n have no idea about forums or any of this sorry if this is a dumb question..

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      Why would people make more than 1 profile.

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      Thanks for the super site

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      Good to know spammers are frowned upon here. I’vbeen on boards before that quickly became unusable once the spam started breeding 🙁

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      Thanks for the info!

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      Sounds simple and straight forward enough.

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      Thanks for the info.

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      Infractions rules are very thorough. Helps to keep everyone friendly and fair.

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      Thank you. I really like that this will be a spam free environment, and that the rules are clearly explained. Understanding and no drama!

      Love it

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      Thank you for the information. i wondered what an infraction was

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      Thank you, It is always better to know what to do or not do on a site.

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      thanks again for the helpful info. pray I will never do anything to ‘go there’

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      Thanks it is always good to know the rules!

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      i dont get all of this on this page either

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      @rnittygritty 416532 wrote:

      i dont get all of this on this page either

      It works just like your drivers license, if you get a speeding ticket (an infraction) you get points taken off your license, get too many points against you and they take your license away (except here no one takes your license, they just ban those that cant behave), lol. 😉

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      very good quote and wonderful advice. Thank you

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      So glad I took the time to do some reading. Good rules to know about, although I always try to be on my best behavior. 🙂

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      Thanks for the info. Still learning my way around!

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      Thanks for posting this. I am a newbie and trying to figure everything out.

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      Thanks for these, these post are very helpful for me as a newbie!

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      Wow, this is something I have never seen before. However I have been using this site for about a year without registering, I liked it because 1) useful and practical and 2) polite interactions. Now I know why.

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      Excited to be learn from Budget101 and be on here 🙂 Thank-you for giveing me the ins and outs!

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      Thanks for the guidelines. I promise to mind my manners!

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      Lots to learn on this site – thanks. K

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      This is always good to know.

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      Read and understood. Am familiar with other kinds of systems similar to this, so it is good to know that this kind of thing is in place here. =)

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      Thank you for the information..

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      I appreciate having all this information up front. i am new to this type of environment so hopefully Iwill kéeps out of trouble! Lol

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      Good to know! Still learning my way around. I like that you have this posted so in-depth so I can come back and check over.

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      Nice to know that people are being treated fairly and don’t have to worry about being bombarded with junk they don’t want!

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      It is good to know the infractions though I don’t plans to commit any of them.

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      thanks for the information. Read and understand.

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      Thank you for the information !!

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      WOW so glad to see this is a no insult zone I am going to take that to also mean no drama zone. Thanks so much. Don’t quite understand some of the things like the privilege to participate in the I trader thing or what bumping is but am glad there are rules and consequences.

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      Thanks, Good info to know 🙂

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      Good to know and I like to feel safe. Thank you.

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      I hope to never break any of your rules. Thank you so much for making them clear. May I point out that your last paragraph here needs fixing?

      It starts out If need feel the need, I think what is meant is that if WE feel the need.


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      :hand-icon:I have been perusing this site for a couple days now, and I’ve found SO many things I hope to try as soon as possible. I haven’t really been an active forum member anywhere for a few years, but I think I will love it here.

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      Thank you for the info.I am mostly a lurker looking for ideas and help.I hope this not a problem.I will post when I see another way to do something,or have a different idea using the same materials.

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      Never heard of board infractions this is a great post to view right away. Thanks

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      Thank you for posting these, as a new member it’s comforting to know that these guidelines are in place. 🙂 Looking forward to browsing the other boards!

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      Thank you very much for the rules and information and I also hope to not break the rules as I learn my way through this awesome site. Also thank you for the Grammarly 🙂 it is awesome and very helpful.

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      Good to know and I like the policies. I am not fond of sites that allow people to criticize each other endlessly, so I am grateful to be able to relax here.

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      Thank you for the crystal-clear site rules. I am new here, am a recently retired RN who has raised 6 children, have worked in Admin, & believe it’s important to ‘play by the rules’! (Of course, you must know them 1st!) With my newly acquired asset of TIME, I look forward to learning & sharing with everyone here!🤗

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