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      Instead of buying a new appliance, paint it!

      I have all black things in my kitchen, everything other then the stove and we came across spray paint for appliances and its high heat. Its like 6$ a can and can withstand the heat of a stove.

      It was much cheaper to paint my stove then buy a new one when my old one worked fine. Now everything in my kitchen matches.

      you might want to check into it, it doesn’t look like its been painted either.

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      Amazing what spray paint can do isn’t it?! I hated the look of the knobs in my kitchen but refused to pay the high price for new ones. Just so happened that we were in Lowes one afternoon and I saw some old fashioned drawer handles that I’ve always wanted that were on clearance for 75 cents!!

      The catch, they were in a tacky gold tone!! No problem, grabbed the 6 handles I needed and DH and I were off to the automotive store to get some automotive paint… he said it would hold up better.

      Scuffed them up with some sandpaper along with the other knobs I was keeping… really wanted some glass knobs to go along with the others but way to expensive, hinges too and we sprayed away!! Gave my kitchen a whole new look!!!

      All for about $12 including tax. Funny thing is, afterwards, the silver paint we used to spray everything gave those knobs such a shimmer that from a far they almost look like those glass knobs!!!

      Gotta love that spray paint!:007:

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      The Epoxy paints might provide a tougher surface, but I use the high heat black for my old cast iron BBQ to look like new. There is also a special spray paint for plastic that actually bonds to the plastic. Great for aging household appliances from the 70’s that have colors that match nothing these days.

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      Anyone know if bondo will withstand the heat of stove? I have a chip in the door and want to repaint it this spring.

      Or another alternative?

      I will breakdown and use rustoleum on the fridge since its used and has some rust spots .


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      Speaking of the spray paint that works on plastic my son loves spiderman. So we took hi regular white platform bed that has 3 drawers underneath and painted the bed blue the drwers red and the drawer pulls blue !!! Then he also has plasti toy bins so we painted the bottoms eitther red or blue and the lids the opposite color.

      He also has 3 drawer plastic carts that we use for his clothes and we painted the frames on those either red or blue then painted the drawers alternating colors. Everyone that goes in his room loves it and asks where did I find all that “spider man” stuff and i say we made it !!!! it only cost us about $12.00 for the paint and it looks like custom stuff from a high end childrens specialty store !!!!

      Gotta love that !!!!

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      Our dump has a recycle area (my fav store )

      many times there are all kinds of plastic containers brought in, so if you are yard saleing, or have a dump table you could paint everything one colour and it will look great.

      make sure the plastic is clean, it wouldn’t hurt to rub it down with some alcohol just in case there is any grease (even from fingers)


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      I did not see a reply to the bondo question. My stove handle broke off and I want to patch the area. Is there anything that can be used for this.

      Not sure if I want to replace the handle or not, but willing to listen to some ideas of how it can be replaced also.

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      I don’t think anyone has a known answer to that question. Unless it is specifically stated to be for high temperature applications, the answer would be no. There are some welding type epoxies (mixing two parts together) that are designed for specialized applications you might seek out.

      Might be quicker to contact an appliance repair place and ask their technician.

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      look into that “mighty Putty” stuff I dont know if its high heat or not… I mean I couldn’t get it to work on what I used it for, however I wasn’t surprised because ot was a hard fix… so it might work for that.

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      where is the handle broke at the metal? or the bakealite type handle?

      If its the metal check if jb weld will handle the heat ..

      if its at the screw, some of the doors can be pulled apart and you can probably redo it from inside.

      handles humm wonder about redoing it with fimo? cover with the fimo and bake – at least it could be pretty


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