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      I want to and need to say thank you to all of you that have taken the time to
      pray for my Father and my family. Some friends were so kind to have gotten up
      early this morning and gather with their friends to pray for my Dad. Some have
      put my Dad and family members on prayer chains/circles.

      Kept my family in their
      daily prayers and meditations. We are all so Blessed.

      There is just no way that I can personally convey my gratitude to you all. I
      received emails this morning, and sat here in tears. I wept while reading the
      emails acknowleding the prayers being said for my Dad.

      I was up all night. Partially with worry. Partially in pain.

      Partially in

      My Mom and Dad left for the hospital this morning at 3:30AM. Mighty early.
      Surgery, was early than expected. They started at about 4:30AM.

      I called my
      brother’s cell-phone at around 11AM their time, and Dad was still in surgery.
      No news yet.

      Mom finally called me back a little later. Dad was out of surgery at 2:00.
      That is an awful long surgery. He was to have a triple bypass.

      But it did not
      work out that way at all.

      Synopsis. As I had said before, two of the arteries had pin holes in them for
      the blood to run through. Therefor they had to have an emergency team standing

      They said that those arteries could burst at any moment, and that my Dad
      could die then and there. 🙁 They ended up having to do a quadruple bypass
      on Dad. But the good news was, they never needed to put Dad on the heart to
      lung machine.

      His heart is very good and strong.

      And considering how long he was in for open heart surgery (430am-2pm) I would
      say he has a strong heart also.

      He is in the icu/ccu unit now. and will remain there for a few days. he is in
      a drug induced “coma” like state.

      they have him laying on a bed of ice.. that
      is what my mother said. and covered up with about a dozen blankets.

      mom said he
      is just shivering from head to toe. he is totally swollen up.. and his belly is
      really sticking out.

      my dad is not a big man, so i imagine he looks pretty odd.
      when he had the cancer surgery last fall, he gained 30 pounds in one week, all
      in his belly.. and he looked like Santa Clauss…. he was so mad.

      At least he is out of it.. hopefully when he comes to, it will have subsided.

      According to my Mother, he will be in the hospital for 11-14 days.

      We were hoping to go there this weekend to see them. But it does not look like
      we will be able to go. I have had the ‘flu’ bug or something for over two weeks

      I broke down and saw a doctor today. In hopes of getting some medicines
      so that I could be well enough to go to Michigan and see my Dad.

      The doctor said that I am seriously ill. ((Lung infection, bordering on
      pneumonia)) And that with what kind of surgery my Dad had, that it would be
      illogical for me to go and jeoporadize his health. He did write me out a
      handful of medicines.

      In which I went to get fulfilled…. but our
      prescription insurance is for squat. It will cost me $150..

      in Co-Pay to just
      fill the four of them. Unbelievable. Let alone the Co-Pay I have on a $229
      office call.

      I am really starting to hate Milwaukee.

      So it looks like I will remain sick. And remain home. 🙁

      Before I forget, I have to say an extra thank you for the prayers for my brother
      Garry. I had asked the other day for you all to pray for him, as he is so
      scared of hospitals. And that he and my Dad are best friends..

      and that this
      whole thing is just so hard on him. Well, again, prayers were answered. For
      the very first time my brother did not pass out in a hospital.

      He was able to
      stand next to my Father. Hold his hand and tell him that he loves him. I know
      that was hard on my brother, and I also know, that he would not have been able
      to do that with out the power of up above and the power of prayer.

      So a mighty
      big thank you again.

      That is all the news that I have for now. And I am sorry for such a late
      update. It has been a very long day.

      I just spoke with my Mother again just
      about an hour ago. And I did not want to write to tell everyone anything til I
      got the final word for the day… she was to see him one more time for the

      I wanted to give everyone the most updated news.

      Thank you all again. I am most certain that it is your prayers that made today
      as successful as it was.

      krista rose

      krista rose ~~~my page~~~

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      Krista Rose ~~~My Page~~~

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      Checked by AVG anti-virus system (scan complete, clean).
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