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      I truly appreciate all the comments about my Easter

      basket conundrum. What I realized is that there is no

      ONE perfect answer. It really is up to me. I think

      what bothered me the most was that I had already

      decided to skip the Easter basket, and felt “peer

      pressure” to do it. I’m 37 years old…you would think

      I would be past peer pressure by this point in my

      life! I guess we can all be susceptible to that,

      especially when it is someone whose opinion we value.

      I decided to bring back everything but the book.

      Reading is her absolute favorite, so I know she will

      love the book. She already owns a toothbrush and

      bubbles, so those were unecessary. I already own

      several baskets that would be the right size for her

      to put stuff in and carry around, so I can just let

      her play with those.

      I did, however, have a fun idea. I really love summer

      and the beach, so I am going to start a new tradition

      with my daughter… a “Summer Basket”. On Memorial Day

      I’ll fill a sand bucket, beach bag, or something like

      that with the essentials she’ll need to enjoy the

      summer. I can put in sunglasses, a hat, a swimsuit in

      her new size, a couple cheap beach toys from the

      dollar store, and a pair of shorts and t-shirt for the

      first really warm day. I will have alot of fun putting

      that basket together, and celebrating the arrival of

      summer with her. Best of all, they are things she

      needs anyway, so no guilt about spending the money.

      The clothes can be from a thrift shop – she won’t know

      the difference at this age.

      Thanks again for the input.


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