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      I got a plant kit from a friend of mine for christmas. And I was all excited and stuff so I followed the directions to plant them and was all happy and kept watering and caring for them… Until I realized I over watered my plants.

      x.x Only one of the pots sprouted anything. And I have two extra pots of moist soil… Any suggestions as to what I could plant in there like would putting cucumber seeds or strawberry seeds (like right after you eat them*) work?

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      Lettuce is a great pot plant. 1 head will fill the pot and looks lovely. You can pick the leaves off for your salad and let the plant keep growing.

      I do this in the winter and we get lots of salads off of it. We grow several different kinds and go around and pick a few leaves off each one to make a lovely salad. I grew stuff like kale before and my son would trade the pots off in his lizards cage.

      She loved it! We traded off between 3 pots so they’d have time to regrow. Parsley, basil, and other herbs grow good in pots also.

      I’ve even grown baby carrots in pots when I lived in an apartment. And green onions too! cucumbers are a vine and also real picky about needing very warm temps so not the best thing for a pot.

      Radishes would work though! Put you finger in the soil mix and don’t water until the first inch is dry. Have fun!

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      I have green onions. Will try those.

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      Great info brchbell! I’ve been wanting to try to grow some things in my apartment, but everything I try dies. 🙁 I’ll have to try again.

      I’d love to have fresh veggies & herbs! 🙂

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      I like to keep chives growing all the time, I like them better than onions.

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      I really never thought about growing carrots in a pot.. What a neat idea, I’ve had about everything else in my growing pots.

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      good news! I put a green onion in one of the pots and its already shooting up

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      i grew cayanne peppers in coffee cans in the winter. when they flowered i would play bee and touch each center of the flowers and had loads of peppers.

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      Sweet potato makes a beautiful plant. When my boys were little we did this – put toothpicks around sweet potato & suspend in water. After it sprouted we aqdded food coloring to the water.

      Very unusual when all the vines and leaves are blue!!!

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