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      It’s all about U (YOU)!

      This soup is an easy one, and has a really wonderful flavor. U (YOU) make it your way, with a little help of 3 ingredients. These ingredients are potatoes,cabbage and smoked sausage. Now before you say…. ewwww…. that doesn’t sound too good, believe me… Try it… you’ll like it!!

      Start with salt and peppered boiling water in a pot the size you want for your amount of soup. Peel and dice, or cut your potatoes however U like them.Try to have just enough water to cover the potatoes. Before these potatoes are completely done, add the amount of cabbage you like to the potatoes stirring the cabbage so that most of pieces will be under the potatoes. Now I like my cabbage still a little crunchy, so I only cook the mixture about 3 minutes after I’ve added the cabbage. Cut, wheel, slice the smoked sausage. I like Polish Kielbasa the best. Add the sausage to the potato, cabbage mixture, turn off the burner,put a lid on and let the soup sit for about 30 minutes… IF you can last that long..LOL

      To give you an idea…. I usually cut up about 4 pounds of potatoes to 1/2 head of cabbage, and add 2 packages of Polish Kielbasa. BUT… like I said, this soup is about U… your likes and desires for a really good, economical soup for that brrr cold day. Add some corn bread and you’re all set. Enjoy!!

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