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      Hi All!

      I have been lurking for quite some time but I wanted to respond to this because my husband and I worked for the Census Bureau whenever they ran a special census for our city here in Arkansas (Benton, for Ann in Arkansas ) I do know from working the census that the census that involves the entire US will be done nextin 2010, however states or even cities can hold a special census like our city did 2 years ago(ours did it to increase state funding because our city grew so much).

      If I had to guess I’d say it was done by your city or state government. You should be able to verify whether it was them or not by calling your city offices (just a note- ours did a door to door census- but they also do mailed paper censuses). Also, all the information in the census are kept confidential for 70 years, nothing we asked could be used for other purposes, we as census takers had to take an
      oath and have a background check before we could even begin the training.

      Hope this clarifies a few things for you. My husband and I worked the census because we also do genealogy and love looking at the old census and find a great importance in the information thats taken in a census. Beth

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