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      Walmart has a kit in the craft section. I think it cost 9.95 and will tie dye 3 or 4 shirts. You will need plain white shirts / T shirts not included in the kit.


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      From: Jamie Sutch
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      My name is Jamie I am new here & am enjoying the group so far. I am the SAHM of 2 girls ages 5 & 6. They keep me pretty busy.

      Driving me crazy actually cause of summer. LOL Today is my 11th anniversary to my wonderful hubby!! We live in what I like to call a hicktown in pa..
      Ok enough about me for now.

      My questiion today is does anyone know of a cheap & safe way to do tye dye shirts? My girls really like the tye dye shirts & I thought it would be a fun craft to do together.


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