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      Here are a couple things that I have done to perk up mac&cheese when I
      make it.

      Mac&Cheese with HotDogs

      * mac & cheese
      * hot dogs

      Make the mac&cheese as usual and add cut up hot dogs. Mix well and serve.

      Chili Mac

      * mac & cheese
      * chili

      Make the mac & cheese as usual and add the chili. Mix well, heat and serve.

      Tuna Salad

      * mac & cheese
      * can of tuna
      * relish
      * hard boiled egg
      * veges — optional

      Make up the mac & cheese as usual than add the remaining ingredients.
      Mix well and serve.

      Other options to twist up the mac & cheese is to add marinades or
      dressings to it. If you have cooked meat on hand toss some in to the
      cooked mac & cheese, heck even lunch meat works. This is one that can
      offer numerous options depending on what you have on hand.

      Try adding
      cream cheese to your dish or salsa. Let your imagination be your guide.


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