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      I once went to a small Arab grocery store in Brooklyn that sold pickled
      turnips that were red – and delectable. That was the kind of store where
      you could taste before you bought – and both service and quality were
      awesome. I hope you find that recipe; I’d love to taste them again.

      At 10:03 PM 09/02/2003 -0500, Richard Rezabek wrote:
      >Wow! The thought of turnips brings back memories. My mom had a recipe for
      >pickled turnips. I’ll have to go through and see if I can find it. No
      >telling which one of us girls has that one of her books. Mom used to can
      >pickled turnips, a lot like beets if I reckolect. But she done them with
      >red color in some jars and green color in other jars. Never tasted any
      >different, and used them for the holidays. Boy how I miss mom, and her
      >birthday would have been next week. Thanks for letting me reminess. And if
      >I find the recipe I’ll sure post it. Enlightened in Kansas

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