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      Wow, that’s amazing. I can tell it’s been awhile since the original

      post. $10 worth of gas in the car might get you to the next gas

      station. But even at $15 the grocery list is terrific. Will

      definately do some printing with this one. Only feeding two of

      us….three of us about 4 times a week (my Mother lives next

      door)….sometimes 4 or 5 when my son and his fiance come to visit.

      Thank you !!!!


      — In, “goddesmos” wrote:


      > here’s the link that’ll take you right to the grocery list, menus,

      > and recipes —$10_grocery_list.htm


      > been a few years since Liss put this together and it’s a bit more

      > than $10…closer to $15. each recipe is about four servings so


      > a single person, I can get lunches from the dinners.

      > mos

      > — In, “Jean” wrote:

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