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      a) We had a Maine Coon cat for 16 years – my sweetie!!!! Did not get him on

      purpose and he was likely not purebred. I was there when he was born (at a

      friend of a friend’s house) and mentioned to the kids how I loved kittens –

      etc… Went home and thought nothing more of it – I couldn’t do pets just

      yet anyway. 6 weeks later these kids followed me all over Albertsons

      convincing me that I just had to take the last kitten. Home he came….

      b) I get $300 of groceries for well under $100 routinely. $5 might be a

      stretch (altho not always). And I use the Sunday ads. Trick is to use the

      coupons in conjunction with store sales. Case in point – Darigold yogurt is

      2/$1 right now at Albertsons. The Sunday paper carries a $1 off 2 coupon

      for Darigold yogurt. Total cost of 2 yogurts = $0. I have my Sunday paper,

      and all my co-workers (single men who don’t eat at home) Sunday papers. The

      coupon is disguised with a picture of a much more expensive “new” Darigold

      yogurt brand on it, but the fine print says “any Darigold yogurt product.”

      The Albertson’s clerk looks strangely at me when I walk out with 10 yogurts

      without paying a dime, but it works. And this Sunday’s ads might not match

      up with the store sale – you need to hold your coupons until the right

      time. I also got $10 of Pillsbury cookie dough for $6 (coupons + sale =

      $1.50 each), and in addition, Albertsons was giving free pairs of movie

      tickets for buying 4 items of a certain brand. So, I got two movie tickets

      ($19) + 4 sheets of cookie dough for the kids for $6. They paid me $13 to

      come home with cookies, in effect.

      On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 12:31 PM, Jean <> wrote:

      > We have two dogs…a Sheltie and a Yorkie…and two cats,

      > one tabby and one Maine Coon (our dream cat) who is just 5 months

      > old. This Saturday we’re driving out to the breeder to “adopt” a

      > special needs MC. He was born with one eye.


      > My question right now is………what is tuna pea wiggle? and what is

      > Liss’ $10 grocery bill. It drives me nuts when I see women on TV go

      > grocery shopping and get $300 worth of groceries for $5.00. I don’t

      > know where they’re getting all their coupons.

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