tuna pea wiggle…NOT!

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      here’s the link that’ll take you right to the grocery list, menus,

      and recipes — https://www.budget101.com/$10_grocery_list.htm — it’s

      been a few years since Liss put this together and it’s a bit more

      than $10…closer to $15. each recipe is about four servings so for

      a single person, I can get lunches from the dinners.


      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Jean” wrote:


      > Hi… I’m a newbie to the group and first wanted to

      > intro .myself. :)) I’m Jean, 51 year old wife from Pennsylvania.

      > Hubby, Mike, and I will celebrate our 30th anniversary this year and

      > we have one, 24 year old, son who will be getting married this

      > December. Since he moved out we’re filling our empty nest with

      > critters. We have two dogs…a Sheltie and a Yorkie…and two cats,

      > one tabby and one Maine Coon (our dream cat) who is just 5 months

      > old. This Saturday we’re driving out to the breeder to “adopt” a

      > special needs MC. He was born with one eye.


      > My question right now is………what is tuna pea wiggle? and what


      > Liss’ $10 grocery bill. It drives me nuts when I see women on TV go

      > grocery shopping and get $300 worth of groceries for $5.00. I don’t

      > know where they’re getting all their coupons. We get the Sunday

      > paper circular….rarely are there coupons my husband and I can use.

      > I’d appreciate help….as the grocery bill is where I want to cut

      > back on right now. We were shocked to receive our new monthly

      > heating oil budget plan…..went from $179 to $300 per month !!!!

      > Things have to change.


      > Thank you…

      > Jean

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