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      lol! well, it occurred to me that i had never read a comment on your basic plan and thought i’d do some encouraging…nothing like a testemonial, eh?! lol!
      that’s so cute about what your son said;-)
      yeah, $10 doesn’t do much of anything anymore!

      hell! I remember just a couple of years ago that $5 would work for me;-
      glad I gave you a giggle…I thought the subject line would grab everyone’s attention!

      — On Fri, 7/25/08, Liss wrote:

      From: Liss Subject: RE: : tuna pea wiggle…NOT!
      Date: Friday, July 25, 2008, 9:47 am

      >>Subject: : tuna pea wiggle…not!<<

      lmbo- ok gal, you had meworried for a minute, i was thinking, you don’t like my wiggle?

      (which then made me laugh even harder because i actually said that out loud and then my s.a.

      kid asked, “who are you wiggling for, dad’s not here???”

      >> I had to resort to Liss’ $10 grocery bill again (which was a bit higher — I know ya’ll are paying attention to the increases in everything) and menu.<<

      Yeah, I gotta write a new one of those, just goes to show you how fast things change, grocery prices, gas prices Oy Vey!

      It wasnt too long ago that you really could put $10 worth of gas in your car and make it the rest of the week.

      Now I can’t mow my lawn for that much.

      >>I didn’t have any peas, but I had a 10-oz package of frozen chopped broccoli and substituted that. man that was good over toast!<<

      It’s good with home canned carrots too ..


      >>tonight I’m combining it with potatoes and onions to make a casserole so it should
      be yummy.<<

      That’s basically the same filling as the chix pot pie, but with chix stock in it instead of tuna.

      Variations that I’ve triedof this dirt cheap meal:

      Put the filling on:



      ~Saltine Crackers- really good with the tuna wiggle

      ~Make Mini “pot pies” using a muffin pan- just put the filling in each muffin pan circle (I use the big muffin pans) and top with a mini pie crust.(i use a plastic rubbermaid bowl to cut out the perfect size top)

      Change the filling by adding a can of shrimp instead of tuna for Shrimp Wiggle, or any various veggies that you have in your freezer, or any various meats chopped up- leftover chicken, pork, beef, you name it.

      >>so if anyone had any questions about the tastiness of liss’ recipes on her super cheap menu — don’t!

      i’ve used her plan beforeand with my little modification, the meal was even better.<<

      Thanks gal! I’m glad you enjoyed the recipe!


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