tuna pea wiggle…NOT!

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      Link to this $10 menu please? And how many people does it feed? Thanks!

      On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 3:36 PM, goddesmos <goddesmos@yahoo.com> wrote:

      LOL! I just have to share;-) Liss (and everyone that knows me) knows

      how broke I usually am;- well, this month, things came together at

      the wrong time and I'm broker-than-broke! I had to resort to Liss'

      $10 grocery bill again (which was a bit higher — I know ya'll are

      paying attention to the increases in everything) and menu. I didn't

      have any peas, but I had a 10-oz package of frozen chopped broccoli

      and substituted that. man that was good over toast! tonight I'm

      combining it with potatoes and onions to make a casserole so it should

      be yummy. so if anyone had ANY questions about the tastiness of Liss'

      recipes on her super cheap menu — don't! I've used her plan before

      and with my little modification, the meal was even better. so if

      you're broke…use her $10 menu for the week…actually, since I'm

      single, the ideas last longer for me. with a little creative

      seasoning or sauces, the leftover meal can be changed into a different

      meal altogether!


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