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      Albertson’s and Safeway don’t seem to care how many you use. I let them

      ring up 10 yogurts, hand them 5 coupons and watch the total go down to zero.

      You can’t use two coupons on one thing – so if Windex was $1.50 on sale and

      you had two 75 cents off coupons you don’t get one bottle of Windex for

      free. You could get two Windex bottles for $1.50 however. (Two bottles,

      two coupons).

      On Sun, Jul 27, 2008 at 11:18 PM, Jean wrote:

      > My question is: how do you manage to use all the coupons at once so

      > that you walk out with 10 yogurts??? Our local stores will only take

      > one coupon at a time. Or am I understanding them incorrectly???????

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