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      This is not your typical tuna sandwich, but it’s fun to make and good to eat.
      Tuna Hoagies
      hoagie rolls
      olive oil or a vinaigrette
      hot sauce
      canned tuna, drained
      boiled diced potatoes
      minced raw onion
      sliced green olives
      boiled diced carrots
      chopped hard-boiled eggs
      cooked rice
      grated cheese
      chopped tomatoes
      chopped lettuce
      Split your rolls lengthwise. If desired, brush the bread or drizzle it with olive oil or vinaigrette. Add hot sauce to taste.
      Stuff the bread with tuna, onion, olives, cooked potatoes and your choice of other ingredients.

      Typically, the ingredients are used in moderation since a variety of them are being combined. This is a ‘make-it-yourself’ kind of sandwich. Amounts of ingredients available are up to you and the number of people eating.
      beaverhug smilie

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