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      I would like to know this also. I tried it and it did not turn out. It was
      about the same recipe.

      They are so expensive, but alot of fun that I can
      remember from being a child.
      Cindy in AL

      I’m not sure who I got this recipe from, but am thinking it might’ve been from
      someone in this group… I made these and from what I can remember, followed
      the instructions (except didn’t put into the ice cube trays, just kind of shaped
      into squares)… only thing I can think is maybe the ‘dough’ wasn’t thick

      but how could I make it ‘thicker’ – any ideas? It seemed really
      sticky — kind of like a cookie dough…
      Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have about 5 bars of soap shredded
      and would really like to make these for nieces and nephews for Christmas!!
      Thanks so much for any ideas/suggestions/etc…
      (I hope this isn’t too off-topic — am very sorry if it is… feel free to
      e-mail me off list
      God Bless…
      Bathtub Crayons
      Use at bath time to color your tub or yourself!
      1 cup of grated Ivory soap
      (boxed flakes are no longer available)
      6-10 drops of food coloring
      1/4 cup of warm water
      ice cube tray
      In a bowl, combine the soap, water and food coloring.

      Stir together until
      the mixture begins to thicken. Remove and knead on a protected surface until
      the mixture resembles a thick dough. Press pieces into the ice cube trays.
      Place in the freezer for 15 mins.
      Pop out of the trays and harden overnight.
      We also used fun soap molds and cookie cutters to make animals, flowers,
      shapes, etc.
      Combine crayons with a fun shaped sponge and a rubber duck for a toddler gift!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children trying to make bathtub crayons…