Truly Safe Places to Hide a Spare Key

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      1. Inside of a tree. Do you have a tree on your property near your front door?
      Then you’ve got a perfect key hiding place.

      Carefully cut out a square
      chunk from the bark that’s large enough to cover your key. Then trim a
      bit off the back of the “chunk” so there’s enough space to leave your
      key in the hollow. Replace the bark chunk, and enjoy your perfectly
      camouflaged key.

      Tip: Consider marking the location of the hollow with
      something like an old nail so that it isn’t too camouflaged and is easy
      to find.

      2. Wedged between two bricks. Most brick edges have an area where there is one small chink in the mortar – Put the brick blemish to good use – if there’s enough space for a key, wedge it in there.

      Just make sure the key fits in a way so that it’s both inconspicuous and easy-to-remove. Spending an hour trying to dig a key out from between two bricks is almost as frustrating as paying
      a locksmith to let you back in.

      3. Inside of a wind chime. Pop quiz: What do burglars
      hate? Noise!

      That means that if a potential robber is searching for a
      spare key, they’re probably not going to go digging inside your wind

      Tip: To make this method even more secure, replace the wind chimes’ “knocker” with an entire ring of keys (only one of which actually opens your door). Even if a burglar finds the keys, they’ll have to struggle with the ring of decoys.

      4. On your car. There are a lot of magnetized lock boxes
      on the market meant to hide a spare key for your car, but we think these
      can be used for house keys, too.

      Think about it: When is a burglar most
      likely to try and break in? When you (and your car) aren’t at home.
      There are certainly some flaws to this method (no car, no keys), but
      it’s still worth considering.

      5. With a neighbor. Okay, this one may not be super-spy
      clever, but it’s worth mentioning because it is super effective. Leaving
      a spare key with a trustworthy friend or neighbor means that access to
      your home is just a knock (or phone call away!)

      Source Brightnest

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Tips-n-Tricks Truly Safe Places to Hide a Spare Key