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      where are you located at and how much? this is the truck my bf is looking for…

      also for trade ins you pay less in taxes on the new car if you trade one in…so it may even out…all depending on what ya owe etc….you may be upside down in your truck..meaning owe more then it is worth if you just refinanced….ouch! then the only way to get out is pay it off or roll the amount into a different car…which means yor new car will be more then the sticker price…sometimes only way to get out of a car if gas/payemtn is killing you…but not recommended…


      Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 16:09:32 +0000
      Subject: : truck payment

      i have a toyota tundra, o4, i had to refinance so i have another 5
      years to pay. also i don’t need this big truck and would like to get a
      gas saver.should i trade it in or sell for more. i’ve been told you
      can’t get much for trade in.

      any unbiased suggestions would be

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