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      My youngest son was born early, he was too small to be able to latch, so I’ve been pumping and feeding him with a bottle. I returned back to work 3 weeks ago and my supply has decreased from 6oz every 3 hours to about 2oz! We’ve already had to thaw most of what I had frozen and I’m not producing enough for each day.

      I’m not ready to stop giving him breastmilk yet, any suggestions on how to reestablish my supply?

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      Yes there are a number of herbs (galactagogues) that increase breast milk supply safely and effectively.

      Fenugreek: capsules should be taken 3x’s per day
      Blessed Thistle: should be taken WITH Fenugreek

      If you are pumping, you must pump at least 8 to 12 times per day to increase flow.
      Massage your breast in quadrants while you’re pumping.
      Avoid long stretches of uninterrupted vacuum

      There is a FABULOUS book Called Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year that explains a number of solutions to the issue you’re experiencing. Including other herb combinations to take to increase flow. Your local library may have a copy of it, if not, it’s well worth the $8 online.

      Congrats on your new baby!

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      Thank you so much! Hopefully those work!

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      hrahn918;295422 wrote:
      Thank you so much! Hopefully those work!

      How are things going? Are you still nursing successfully?

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