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      You might look into yurts in Yellowstone. They are a large round tent
      (native to Mongolia) and they usually come stocked with bunks and a stove,
      sometimes even cooking utensils.

      There is a theme park not to far from slc called lagoon. it is only open
      memorial day to labor day, but it is a really nice and clean park and there
      is a huge water park in the center called lagoon-a-beach. we have gone a
      couple of time and it is best to plan for one day for the amusement park
      and one day for the water park.

      we went this past summer and rented an rv
      (we live in idaho, about 8 hrs away). There is a rv park next to lagoon
      with lots of huge trees and it was wonderful to park the rv there so we
      could go out and make our own food instead of buying it in the park. also,
      if you stay at a hotel, many of them offer discount tickets to lagoon.

      there is also a national park where they have dug up several dinosaur
      bones. and than there is the air force base that has an awesome military
      airplane history museum! also, utah is the home of promontory point, where
      the united states was connected by railroad tracks.

      in the historic part
      of slc is a train museum.

      if you google slc you should be able to find out this info

      teri woods
      wife of 1 and Mother of 5

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