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Stuff I’d Like to See General Tricks to save on electric bill

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      I’ve done electrical work off and on for more than 20 years (along with many other various construction trades) Tricks I found to help trim the electric bill.

      One is the Hot water heater, wrap the tank in a blanket (they can be bought at Lowes or Home Depot for around $20) and wrapping the hot water pipes wouldn’t hurt either with foam covers, but the biggest $$$ saver is putting you electic water heater on a timer, a water heater timer has 3 on/off settings to where you can set it for mornings before you get up (for morning showers and morning dishes) and have it go off an hour or 2 later (when you are generally done with the hot water) then again before dinner time for supper dishes, then around bed time for bathes & showers before bed (or if you are like me I have it to where I turn it on manually and let it turn itself off later, it only take 10 minutes or so for it to heat up). For those weekend when you need it throughout the day, there is a manual switch to turn it on and off, it will reset itself at the next on/off interval. Your hot water as a rule is 30% of your electric bill.

      Try doing your laundry all in one day rather than through out the week if you have to use the dryer, (preferably in the evening or early morning when it’s cooler out) it saves energy being the dryer is already hot from the previous load.
      Make sure your dishwasher is full when doing dishes. Wash your pots and pans by hand, though most say they are dishwasher safe, they will last years longer and look better if washed old school (Ask my mother-in-law, she’s gone through 3 sets of cookwear to our 1 because she swears they are dishwasher safe….lol)

      Of course CFL light bulbs or flouresent rods save but these days, it’s getting harder to find incandescent bulbs, so don’t need to go any further on that.
      If your freezer is running low, try putting gallon jugs of water in it to take up the empty space, it costs more to freeze air that it does water (same goes for heating if it ever comes down to what kind of heat to use).

      These are just a few of many ways to trim your electric bill. I could write a book on the many ways (kinda like Liss did with groceries….lol)

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      Thank you for all your great tips. I may have missed this…you can buy outlets (they work like a surge protector) to plug your TV, stereo and other non-essential energy hogs into. When you are finished viewing TV or whatever you can switch the appliance off at the power saver outlet. Totally off. There will be no power to the device. Even if your appliance is turned off, and plugged into the outlet, it is still drawing a small amount of power. That costs you money.

      Also, if you can, use a gas water heater as they are usually cheaper than electric.

      Hope this makes sense.

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Tricks to save on electric bill