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      ( Safety Tips For Halloween ) :BOO:

      Wear bright, reflective clothing or decorate costumes and bags w/ reflective tape/patches.
      Carry a flashlight to improve viisibility.
      Younger childern should go with an adult while trick or treating around the neighorhood. Older children should go in groups.

      Inspect all trick or treat items for signs of tampering before allowing childern to eat them.

      Be sure your lawn ,steps, porch and front door are well lit and free from obstacles.
      Keep candles and jack-o-lanterns away from steps and porches outside,as costumes could brush against then ignite. Inside, keep them away from curtains and other decorations to avoid causing fire.

      I know we hear this tips over and over–safety should be first.
      There are more tips for costumes at the local Fire Depts & Police Depts.
      Mask sometimes w/ costumes are not always safe to go trick or treating in. Childern just can’t see thur the eye holes.

      Please be safe and have a Happy Halloween Event.


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      Thanks for the great tips!!!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Trick -or Treat—Tips