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      — In, “J Diane Northcutt”

      J Diane>I don’t think anyone should feel compelled to participate.

      I agree. However, there are many who just love it.

      J Diane> How do you think these holidays were celebrated before

      mass marketing hit the scene? Just when did Mother’s Day & Father’s

      Day come about? Who introduced them? The Marketers of course.

      I do believe many of our holidays have been celebrated for years prior

      to the mass-marketing frenzy that goes on now. The origins with many

      of these holidays have nothing to do with selling. The fact that

      marketing has seized these days and try to capitalize on them should

      not remove the original intent of the day. For example, Mother’s Day

      was created by a woman who wished to honor her mother after she died.

      It took a great deal of continuous effort to make it happen (years, I

      believe). Then once it started turning into something else

      (commercial), she wanted to un-do it. Many holidays were begun to

      honor people–such as Labor Day.

      For me, I try to be with my mom, and help her do things around the

      house she cannot do herself. She likes cards, so I get her one. She

      would not like us to spend money on frivolous things.

      People ought to check out the origins of holidays. That way, if they

      chose, they can celebrate with the original intent in mind.

      J Diane> I highly recommend the book ‘Unplug the Christmas

      Machine’. It will forever change the way you view holiday celebrations

      especially Christmas.

      I think I will check out this book. I try to do handmade things for

      Christmas as much as possible. I also buy from charity stores at



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