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      I love that idea, that sounds really cute! BTW, I am also owned and

      loved by an insane Bichone.

      — In, Jeanne Kaufhold



      > We have an insane bichon frise, but I still wanted to do something

      for Halloween.  Last year, I bought a huge pumkin and drilled a ton

      of holes into it.  Then I put a tootsie pops into each hole.  I also

      put a pumkin light in it to make it glow.  It sat at then end of our

      driveway with a sign asking to only take one.


      > It was great for me and it was neat for the kids.


      > Before we moved we lived on a street that only 4 – 10 kids would

      trick or treat, so I would buy full size candy bars and give them

      their choice.


      > Happy Halloween.


      > Jeanne


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